Skuap for teams — Review — Rating, Pros, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Skuap — Review — Rating, Pros, Cons, and How It Works

Skuap lets you manage and develop your team from a distributed location. It uses personality tests to create insights you can move on. With these insights, you can mold and guide your teams.

Skuap Rating — Should you purchase Skuap?

We adore Skuap.

Skuap Pros and Advantages

Preparation: Skuap helps your teammates deal with and maneuver people. This is especially useful for the reticent or shy.

Skuap Cons and Disadvantages

Reload: There were several times where we had to reload the team dashboard to get it working. This was annoying.


Skuap is useful, inexpensive, and perfect for 2020 when everybody’s remote. This is our second look at them, and we couldn’t recommend them more. 5/5.

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