CurrikiStudio Review and About.

CurrikiStudio Allows No-Code Teachers to Create Digital Courses for Free!

Remote teachers and students rejoice!

CurrikiStudio is a super simple digital course creator, so you can instruct remotely.

Tools like this are needed now more than ever, especially for cash strapped educational institutions where teachers need free course creation alternatives to build assignments and lessons for learners.

CurrikiStudio lets you do it all

Here’s a video introduction to CurrikiStudio. Keep in mind, this is free.

You can put in assignments, questions, video, text, and pretty much everything else.

Accessing content is very easy for students, and you can share with a link. This means if you’re using an existing LMS or school portal, you can share these courses in them! Courses and assignments are also shareable on your own site, especially useful if you’re a coach.

When you put together assignments and questions, you can drag and drop. There’s even a step-by-step guide with each interaction. It’s kind of like making a website with Squarespace or some sort of visual composer. Aside from GPT-3 AI creation (probably coming soon), drag and drop is the simplest way possible to make digital content.

As for text, editing is a lot like the Wordpress WYSIWYG editor — straightforward!

Made for the needs of teachers and students

Here’s something many edtech designers don’t realize; teachers and students need simple solutions!


Many teachers are older, students are younger, and some students have learning disabilities.

It’s absolutely vital that courses and assignments be simple and have multimedia, especially for learners who can’t read well.

CurrikiStudio gives audio to supplement text. We’ve seen other tools that do this well, too, and will explore them later, but it’s great to see this from CurrikiStudio.

For the older or less tech-savvy teachers, it’s also especially important to have simple course creation. Creating a lesson or assignment in CurrikiStudio is a lot like picking up Super Mario Bros. — intuitive and straightforward.

With this said, CurrikiStudio doesn’t just support K-12. It also has options for higher education and professional development. Additionally, it’s used by educators all over, non-profits, and corporations.

Try it now!

If you haven’t already, watch the video above! It explains the benefits of CurrikiStudio in three minutes, and if you’re a teacher, you really must watch this!

If you’ve watched, use CurrikiStudio below. It’s free!

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